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50 Most Common Russian Verbs + 15 interactive quizzes

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Hi, I’m Yulia! I am here to bring you a fun and interactive Russian online learning experience!

Engaging video lessons

Learn Russian with interactive videos that make the process of learning much more enjoyable.

Quizzes and exercises

Test what you've learnt. My course is not only about passive learning. You will have to pass the tests!

My feedback

Accountability is the key. I'll evaluate your results along the way and clear up your doubts.

RUSSIAN beginners



Does your brain freeze when you try to have a basic conversation?

Probably, you already know some words but you lack structure and you don't feel confident expressing yourself.

If you can relate, this course is perfect for you!

✔ You will learn a lot of "every day" vocabulary (not textbook but real life vocabulary!) and you will go over it many times with practical interactive games.

After this course you'll get a better grasp on grammar! 

Everyone needs to start somewhere, let's go! 

Instruction language is English.

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russian through stories



Outgrew basic Russian? Time to level up!


You’ve outgrown basic Russian but still struggle with meaningful conversations. You want to make fewer mistakes, understand others better, and read authentic articles. I know how it feels! You want to chit chat with locals already.

 ✔ Your solution is to boost your vocabulary and fluency. Say goodbye to textbook phrases and hello to real-life conversations through interactive games and genuine content. Even if you’re starting fresh, I’ve got foundational lessons to help you. Join today and transform your Russian skills!

Instruction language is Russian.

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If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] 
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